Tuesday, March 29, 2016


long time not up dating my blog. So tonight lonely in my hotel room. Since I can't close my eye and nothing to do, I decided to write something that what ever crossing in my mind. Politics are main concerned lately specially rampant of corruption happen in my beloved country that really ruined my beloved country name in world arena. Now people are talking billion of billion forget about million. I keep on discussing among my friends specially those in education line, which direction are we heading now? Are we moving forward or backward? Are our politician either in government or opposition really care about our next generation future? Racist remarks are norm lately. Are these played by common citizen like us or politician among us who play these to gain support from a certain races.......please stop this. let us work together for a better place to live in this country.......All answer in our hands and we are the one who create for a better place to live. Do not destroy on the name of Asobiyah......Let  us pray together to The All Mighty God to save us for better living here and hereafter. Life is short. Ameen.